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Here’s what you need to know about Alexis Texas and why she’s the the juiciest cam model with the best ass in the business. Find out why I love her so much.

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Alexis Texas Review: Loves To Fuck Herself

Alexis Texas is the kind of girl who never leaves her room unless she absolutely has to. That’s because she loves nothing more than to fuck her own pussy all day and night long. She loves to masturbate so much that any doctor would immediately diagnose her as addicted to masturbation.

She always wakes up early so she can masturbate before she has to leave and she always goes to bed early so she can fuck herself before sleeping. She just loves to orgasm and she loves it even more when she has horny people watching her.

It doesn’t matter if it’s by men or women. She just wants to be watched while she enthusiastically fucks her tight hole until she cums all over her toys. The only thing that can ever upset her is for her batteries to run out when she’s at home.

She Has Plenty Of Sex Toys

Just like any addict, she has stocks of her drugs all over her house. She has giant collections of sex toys in every single room that she has. There are regular vibrators, magic wands, G-spot stimulators, clit stimulators, and more than enough butt plugs to keep her filled up at all hours of the day and night.

She always has to make sure that she’s always within arm’s reach of her toys, too. That means that she has to hide them under the living room sofa, the kitchen table, and in her bathroom. She’s always going to want to fill her time with masturbation and it doesn’t matter which room she happens to be in.

Alexis never above putting down her dinner or breakfast to give herself a quick fucking before she goes back to eating with her toy drying on the table right in front of her.

Ms.Texas Has A Big Booty

She’s from Texas where everything’s bigger and that definitely applies to her perfect ass. She’s a big booty bitch and she loves that about herself.

Nothing can ever stop her from turning around and jumping up and down to make her naked ass bounce for the men and women watching her on her cam. Knowing that people are staring at her and getting hard and wet for her body is all the reason she ever needs to start fucking herself for her audience. That’s what makes her so much fun to check out.

Conclusion: Alexis Texas Wants to Fuck Herself For You!

Alexis Texas just wants to grab her toy and fuck her little pussy for you. She loves to fuck herself and she wants to do it while you watch her and touch yourself. Cumming with a friend is a lot more fun that cumming alone.

She’s going to be cumming regardless, but she’s much happier to do it with someone else. She spends so much time fucking herself alone that it’s nice to change things up and have a few friends working their own junk right along with her.

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