Alice Ben Review: My Black Cam Princess

I’ve recently taken a really close look at Alice Ben. She’s a model that delivers like never before. Find out why I’m pretty much infatuated with her and why she’s the one for me!

Alice Ben Cam Site Review

My Review of Alice Ben

Some girls like it soft. Some girls like it sensual. Alice Ben likes neither of those things. She likes it as fast and hard as she can get it. It never matters what it is. It needs to be intense and she needs to feel it. You just need to see her touch herself to find out for yourself. She’ll attack herself and she won’t let up until she simply can’t take anymore. It takes a special kind of woman to take everything that she can dish out on herself, but she manages.

Then she turns right around and does it all over again. She has black hair and sexy brown eyes. She’s from Colombia, so she’s already hot and fiery, to begin with. Her body is curvy and can drive anyone crazy on the street. She has some tattoos that you can try to find while she does her things. Her tits are a perfect 36 C and no one has ever asked her to put them away.

Alice Ben Fucks Herself In Public

She also has a massive libido that she can never satisfy. It doesn’t matter how much time she spends fucking herself at night. She’s just going to be horny and begging for attention the very next day. That’s probably why she spends so much time in the library. It’s nice and quiet there. She can find a spot in the shelves and just get right down on her knees where no one can see her.

Alice can fuck her pussy with her own fingers for as long as it takes to quiet it down. She’s come close to getting caught a couple of times, but that only makes it more fun. The danger is always there and it works to make her orgasms even more intense.

Alice Is An Anal Girl

When her pussy is sore and chaffed, she turns to her asshole. That little entrance can take just as much of a beating. She can fuck her own ass for hours and cum over and over again before she has to stop. It’s just one more part of her body that can make her feel good.

She even has a double-sided toy for when both of her holes (just like this teacher) are ready for business. One side goes in her pussy and the other goes in her ass. She can fuck them both and cum so hard that she needs to take a break for ten minutes.

Conclusion: Take Advantage Of Alice Ben Right Now

Alice Ben’s libido isn’t going to calm down. She’s going to be spending all day tending to it. All you have to do is take advantage of it. Head into her room right now and see what she’s doing. It’s always going to be herself.

Watch the intense way that she fills her holes and massages them from behind. You’ll never want her to stop. The best part of all this is that she won’t. But if she does, she’ll just start all over again.

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