If you’ve been watching recorded adult videos for free on the tube sites, then you’ve likely come across Sexier.com at one point or another. I’ll give you a quick rundown of the site before getting into the details. Sexier.com is a live cam site that has been around since 1996. Over the years, the company has built up quite a database of models of every ethnicity, shape, and size you can think of. I’ve spent countless hours investigating things here and it’s been pretty enjoyable I must say.

The site uses credits to pay their models and you must purchase a package of credits before you can view any webcams or chat with any models. Sure, this rubbed me the wrong way at first, but I found some models that were worth taking a chance on. So I did what any horny guy would do, I purchased credits and tested the site out. Plain and simple, you just can’t deny the sheer number of cams on the site and the excellent search options. Chances are you’ll enjoy the ride that Sexier takes you on.

Sexier Review

User Experience Camming On Sexier

When I first arrived on the site, I thought it looked very generic. What can I say, I’m a bit of a prude I guess when it comes to user interface. They don’t even have any images to lure you in and entice you to join. However, I try my best to look at the glass half full. I was still optimistic because they have been around for over 20 years and there are almost 100,000 cam models. Suffice to say that I was pleased when I noticed a button on the top asking if I wanted to try the enhanced version.

I mean, that’s like asking me if I like to jerk off, it’s a no brainer! When I clicked on it, what I got was much more than I had expected. This new version has galleries of their top webcam girls on the main page. You can hover over the pictures for a video preview, but you must sign up to open the cam feeds. I’m fine with that given all it’s pretty much becoming the standard today for security purposes. I went ahead and signed up to get access to all the feeds. It opened up my world as the number of girls will to get naked and play in cam to cam action was incredible. In fact, I’d say it was a bit overwhelming even.

The Features Of Sexier.com

As for features, the Sexier cam site has a lot to offer. For starters, they’ve got a stellar search function that makes everything worth while. The search button is not clearly marked but when you find it you’re ready to go to town! It’s located in the top right corner of the page. I was highly impressed with their search engine. Just the basic search is equivalent to what most sites consider “advanced.” The basic search criteria are age, hair color, kinks, ethnicity, boob size, body type, and ass.

I discovered my favorite feature came when I clicked on their advanced search options. A new page opens with a cool and original search layout where you choose categories like girl alone, shy girls, girl on girl, and BDSM. The “Looks” section has criteria like age range, ethnicity, hair, and body. The “Features” section has the criteria Special Webcams, Price, Rating, and Language. All of this on a modern layout that I did not expect to see when I first arrived.

Now, another thing that I like about this site is the upscale customer support. I had an issue with my billing and within seconds it was resolved. I mean, most webcam sites don’t even have a ticket system fast enough to receive support tickets in the amount of time that this one was resolved.

Are The Cam Girls Sexier Than The Rest?

You bet your ass they are! I’m not joking when I say there are more girls than I could possibly handle on Sexier.com. If I had millions of dollars, I’d still not run out of money or girls to chat with live on Sexier.com. If you’re looking to meet some horny cam girls of a unique ethnicity or something of that nature then this is the site that you do it on. You want it, they’ve got it.

Cost To Use The Site

As far as cost is concerned, I’d say this one is worth the price. Credits are basically $1 per credit and are sold in packages of 25 for $25, 50 for $50, and 100 for $100. This might turn you off because you don’t get to go inside and see how much the models charge before you pay, but I found that it was worth it. Some of the cheaper shows are only about 88 cents per minute. The credits didn’t seem to disappear as fast as I thought they would. One on one private shows is as low as $1.98 a minute.

Conclusion: Sexier.com Is Worth Trying. Most Models Of All Sites

If you’re looking for quantity, then the Sexier.com cam models have got you covered. I’ve personally never seen so many models in my entire life. Remember, I’ve used a plethora of cam sites and none of them have ever compared in terms of the sheer number of models. To top things off, they’ve got about as solid of a search function as one could ever have. The site’s a top tier cam site that you need to try. Shows are so cheap that you basically anyone can find an affordable option on this cam site.