Are you the type that likes to chat with sexy Asian girls? If so, then perhaps the DXLive cam site is something that you’ll enjoy using. This is a live webcam site features nothing but girls from the East. I’ve provided a full rundown of the site and everything that you need to know. My guess is that you’re going to enjoy it. Just keep reading to learn all about this Asian cam site.

DXLive Reviews

My Review Of DXLive

DXLive is a great cam site that lets you chat with Japanese girls at all hours of the day. But, it ends up being pretty expensive and falls short when it comes to quality. The women on the site are amazing and there’s just no way around that. They’re the biggest draw and few sites offer so many gorgeous Asian women. If that’s what you’re into, then you’re going to see a lot of potential the first time that you decide to check this site out. On the surface, it looks amazing and rightfully so. Everyone is friendly and always looking for a good time.

Site Drawbacks

The drawbacks start when you realize that these Japanese women are genuinely living in Japan. While that sounds like the best possible scenario, it brings up an issue of a language barrier. The site just doesn’t do a great job of translating everything for you.

You might be able to hold a decent conversation in a chat room, but it’s going to be a bit strained. The main problem is that the profile pages are rarely fully translated. It turns out that the girls here love to write about themselves, but unless you read Japanese, you’re not going to be able to enjoy it.

Ruh-Roh, No HD

On top of that, there are no high definition cams to be found. In a world where HD can be found pretty much everywhere, not seeing it here really makes you feel like you’re missing out. The girls are gorgeous and you should be able to enjoy them in the best possible quality.

There’s no good reason that HD can’t be made available, so it simply seems like an oversight of the web developers. If they were to implement it, this cam site would be a lot more worthwhile than it currently is.

The Good

On the positive side, a great majority of the girls use interactive sex toys. They’re a great way to have fun with them and they never get boring. Each and every one of the performers will have their own reactions, and it only gives you more reason to check this place out.

The Cost

The biggest issue here happens to be the cost. Private shows will run you four dollars a minute and that’s just too much for a feed that isn’t HD. If you want to use the interactive sex toys, it will cost you even more. The only thing that you can do for free is browsing. Everything else will end up costing you.


The DXLive website does have a lot of potential, but it’s just not quite there yet. The prices are too high and the quality is too low. The major draw is the women, and they’re amazing (if you like that Asian type). It would just be much better if they weren’t so expensive.

At the very least, you should be able to enjoy them in HD, especially at this price point. Visiting this site is going to be a lot of fun, but it’ll cost you. Whether or not it’s worth it is up to you. What I will say is that you’ll likely have more luck using one of the top ten sites listed here instead of messing with DXLive.