Heidi Cox Review

Have you not heard of the infamous Heidi Cox? If not, then you do not know what you’re missing. She’s a delightful cam model that makes me want to shoot cum every second of the day. Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve been loving the ebony cam girls lately and this one is no exception to the rule. What I did was chat with her for a period of time and I took some notes to share on my experience. This is what you need to know about this black babe and why she might be the one for you.

heidi cox

Heidi Cox Is The Ebony Woman Of Your Dreams

Some girls have a mission in life and Heidi Cox is one of them. She wants to be in control of every single aspect of your orgasm. She needs to tell you when to cum and how hard to make it. There’s no getting around her presence when she’s around.

She needs you to get her off, then she needs you to clean her up. She’s not going through the trouble of mopping up all of that squirt herself. You have a mouth and that’s where it should be going. Just get ready to swallow when your mouth starts to fill up.

Heidi has fiery red hair and hazel eyes to go along with it all. Her body is very curvy and will stay on your mind for weeks after you see it naked. Her tits clock in at a giant and totally natural 36 C cup. Don’t forget to tell her just how sexy her tattoos and piercings happen to be.

She Knows How To Suck

You shouldn’t think that it’s all about her, though. She spends plenty of time taking care of the dicks in her life. In fact, she’s an expert at giving blowjobs. She has a very realistic dildo that she loves to practice on.

You might even be able to see her doing it when you check out her room. It’s stiff and veiny and feels amazing in her mouth. She lets her lips slide down each and every inch of it so she can feel the veins pop inside her. She can take it all the way down her throat and then back out again. She always makes sure to look deep into your eyes when she does it.

Ebony Heidi wants you to know that she’s doing it all for you. The longer she looks at you, the faster you’re going to cum all over her pretty face.

She Loves To Fuck Herself Sensually

She doesn’t cut any corners when she’s fucking herself, either. She makes sure to keep it just as sensual as her blowjobs. She likes to get on her knees and slowly envelope her dildo with her wet pussy. It always slides all of the way in for her.

This babe rides it nice and slowly so you can see it all disappear inside her and make its way back out. She knows her body and she can make herself cum within seconds, especially if you’re watching her. The eyes on her body turn her on more than anything.

Conclusion: Heidi Cox Needs You Under Her

Don’t waste a second before you let Heidi Cox take over for you. She knows just what you need. She won’t give you an inch until you open wide and swallow all of her squirt for her. It’s the least that you can do. You’ll be rewarded with the best and longest blowjob of your life. Just try not to cum too quickly. You’ll want to feel her lips on you for as long as possible.

Okay, if you’re ready for her, then check out all she has to offer right here on her profile.