Jada Fire Live Camsoda Show Review

I love all things hot, but someone about Jada Fire just gets me hotter than anyone could even imagine. She’s a beautiful black porn star with a mouth that simply will not quit! I’ve been in love with her for a long, long, time and I’ve spent many nights live on chat with her. She’s online just about every single night and I’ve yet to find a black milf that does it for me like this one.

Here’s what you need to know about Jada Fire and my obsession with this perfect ebony milf. Full disclosure, I do not and have not had a chance to have sex with Jada in person, but the cam shows get me off just fine. She’s fire, pun intended. Check out my review below…

Jada Fire Webcams

Jada Fire And My Review After Chatting For Hours With Her

I know this cam model better than anyone. Trust me, no one has spent more money on this girl than me. I’ve given her lots of money and in return, she gives me the show of my dreams, literally!

Retired But Still Camming

Jada Fire may have retired from porn, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still love playing with her juicy pussy. She won plenty of awards when she was still making it and there are plenty of good reasons for that. She has a hot, curvy body and black hair with brown eyes. She also has a massive set of totally natural 32 G cup tits to top off her sexy ebony body. She lives in California and she’s always laid back enough to let her fingers slowly slide down to her aching pussy to take care of business. Doing it on cam just makes the whole thing much more exciting.

Cums At All Shows

She’s so used to having an audience from her time in porn that she can barely cum without one now. The more people who happen to be there staring at her, the better and more explosive her orgasm is going to be. In fact, if the talk is filthy enough and the audience is large enough, she can make herself squirt like a fire hose. She’s been known to shoot her juices clear across the room to splatter against the far wall. She likes to keep the stains there to judge just how hard she’s cumming from day to day.

Best BJ Award Winner

Jada Fire also loves to show off her extensive blow job skills when she’s online. She has plenty of realistic dildos that she loves to bring into her shows when her mouth is itchy for some action. She can suck on that fake cock like the queen of fellatio and always makes sure to keep it nice and sloppy.

If anyone is ever lucky enough to experience it first hand, they’ll be ruined for dick sucking for the rest of their lives. Nothing will ever be that good again, so there’s no sense in ever even bothering with getting another one.

Jada Fire Performing on Camsoda on Video

Jada Treat Her Pussy Good, Rightfully So

The only thing that she’s better at fucking than a cock is her own pussy. She knows exactly how it’s supposed to be touched and she’s always in the mood to do it. Once again, she has tons of toys to get the job done right.

Some are used for filling up her soaking wet holes and others are used to vibrate her swollen clit until it makes her pussy erupt all over her bed. Sometime she’ll bring her tits into the equation, but it’s not always necessary. Her love hole is more than sensitive enough to get the job done on its own each and every single time.

Conclusion: Jada Fire Cam Shows Are Beyond Fire, They’re Perfect

There’s nothing better than sitting down to a former porn star who knows exactly what you want to see. She spent years getting people off all over the world and now she just wants to continue doing it on her own. No matter how many orgasms she had over her career, her pussy still likes to beg for plenty more of them. Check her out (click here) and give her a reason to play with herself on her camera and make it cum for you.

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