Have you ever heard of the Melcam website? If not, perhaps you’re living under a rock? No, but seriously! You just might be living under a rock, my friend. Oddly enough, if you do a search for this you will likely find that Melcam is not only a cam site but a pill of some sort. Whatever you do, avoid the pills LOL. Stick with the cam site. It’s better for the soul, trust me.

At any rate, I’ve covered the ins and outs of the Melcam website for you right here. Just read this and you’ll know all there is to know – BOOM.

melcam review

Melcam Review – A Pretty Solid Webcam Site

Here’s the full scoop on this Melcam.com website. It’s one of my favorite free cam sites – so pay close attention here!

MelCam is a great choice when it comes to cam sites and you can use it however you like. You can simply check out the people who are already broadcasting, or you can set up your own webcam to make a little extra money. The site is very well designed and built with speed in mind. You can choose between men, women, couples or trannies to have exactly the kind of night that you want. It runs on both private shows and tips. So, you only have to spend as much money as you want with no pressure to pay by the minute.

Can I just say this, I took the liberty to cam with one of the hot blonde girls on the site. This girl legit squirted all over the fucking place. It was amazing as can be, seriously.

squirting cam girl

Best Features

One of the best features is the fact that the vast majority of cams are streaming in high definition. The feeds are stable and smooth so you’ll never have to deal with frozen video or buffering icons. There are tons of models online so you always get to see what you want when you want it crystal clear.

It’s one of the best offerings around and is showing no signs of degraded quality. The people who run the place seem to really want to offer a high-quality product and they manage to it very nicely.

Camming Options

Once you find the performer that you want to spend time with, you can do it in private or in public. Since you can tip as much as you want, there’s never any pressure to take them into a pay by minute chat. You have just as good a time outside as you can have inside. The models are always more than happy to give you exactly what you want, and their fans are typically happy because of it. There are very few beggars around to ruin your evening, and the rooms are moderated to keep out the trolls.

Cam For Cash

If you feel like it, you can easily hook up your own webcam to show yourself off. Other people will be able to visit your room, just like the other models, and you can make a little money. It’s a much easier process here than on most other sites, so it will only take a few moments to get yourself set up. It’s a really fun way to interact with people, even if you only want the other cam models to have access to your feed. It’s yet another way that you can play with them.

Solid Cam Site Option Of Today

All in all, there’s little that can go wrong here. It’s a solid site that’s well maintained and very well run. You won’t have to worry about any technical problems because it’s very simply designed. The people who put it together wanted a platform to watch cams and that’s exactly what they created. There’s nothing overly flashy and no useless features that can cause problems. You get to choose how to spend your time and money, and the models are always happy to give you what you want. It’s definitely worth a look, you just might find yourself coming back again and again.

The only thing here that I really didn’t like was that they didn’t stream Katt Leya feeds on this site. But oh well, I can find her on many other cam sites.