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I took the time to write a review today. This review details everything that I like about Neko Shawty and the webcamming action that she’s down to perform. Find out why she’s a winner in my book!

Neko Shawty

Review of Neko Shawty

There’s never any telling how a night with Neko Shawty is going to end and that’s a good thing. She’s the kind of girl who never lets a fun time pass her by. She’s deeply in love with sex and it doesn’t matter who she’s having it with. She’s just as happy sucking on a stiff cock as she is having her ass eating by another woman.

Neko going to cum just as hard either way. You can’t stop her from trying to feel good. If no one is around to make it happen, she has more than enough toys to get the job done. In fact, there are so many that you might just never see the same one twice. It’s how she likes to roll and that’s all there is to it. Try her once and you’re never going to want to leave her cum drenched room.

She Loves It Up The Ass

One thing you can be sure about is that her pussy never hogs all the attention. There’s just something about a good ass fucking that she loves. She’s always willing to sit down on a thick cock until it fills up her back entryway. She’ll ride and shudder on that thing until she has an anal orgasm that other women can only dream of.

Neko Shawty doesn’t just open it up for the guys, either. Nothing is going to stop her from bending over in a room full of women to let them suck on her asshole until it puckers. That’s when they get to slide the sex toys in as deep as they’ll go to massage the insides of her taboo fuck tunnel. She’s just wired to take it in any hole that she can and no one has ever complained about watching it all happen for them.

She Loves To Eat Pussy

If there’s anything you absolutely need to know about her, it’s that she loves to wrap her lips around a wet pussy. She’ll eat one until the sun goes down and everyone else goes to bed. Girls who love girls are one thing, but this is a girl who loves pussy.

She won’t rest until she’s made as many of them cum as humanly possible. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a soft spot for the women they’re attached to, though. One of her favorite things is to intertwine her legs with another girl so their wet, slippery lips are sliding against each other. Then she reaches over and pulls the other girl’s face in to make out with her until they both need to come up for air.

Conclusion: Watch Neko Shawty Right Now

This is all to say that you’re not going to find a hotter cam girl than Necko Shawty anywhere else on the internet. She always follows pleasure. She keeps her fucking sloppy and nasty and will suck on anything in front of her. When you need to jerk it to the best, jerk it to her.

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