Gianna Michaels Cam Show: She Loves Pain With Her Pleasure

There are some women who understand that pleasure just isn’t as much fun if there isn’t a little bit of pain attached to it. That’s what’s going on with Gianna Michaels. Here at Free Cams Report, we’re reporting everything you need to know about this delicious cam babe.

She’s never content with just feeling good. She needs to feel everything that she can on her body and that’s why she always has her candles nearby.

Nothing gets her off harder than feeling the hot wax splash against her sensitive boobs while she touches herself. She loves to push herself and find out just how much pain she can take before her entire body explodes in an intense orgasm that leaves her screaming in ecstasy.

Gianna Michaels cam

It’s just the way that she is and she never makes any excuses for it. If you can’t hurt a little while you’re making her feel good then she’ll do it herself by twisting her nipples while you fuck her creamy pussy from behind.

Gianna Michaels Body Always Wants More

It doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty much the perfect woman. She’s a 37 year old stripper who loves to take her clothes off. Her brown hair never stays the same color for long.

She can be a brunette one day and a hot and sexy blonde the next.  Her blue eyes always let you know how much sensation you’re sending coursing through her nerve endings.

She has a body that’s curvy in just the right ways and her tits perfectly fill out a 36 E cup. They’re totally natural and always on full display when she’s on her cam.

Nothing makes her feel better than letting them out to play, whether she’s on stage and dancing or on her cam and cumming. They’re perfect and she wants the entire world to get a chance to see them outside of her shirt.

She Loves To Edge Herself

With all of this pain and pleasure, it’s no wonder that this is a girl who loves to extend her sensation for as long as she can. That’s why she loves to edge herself whenever she finds herself in the mood for a self-administered orgasm.

She likes to stand in her room with her magic wand in her hand to get the most feeling out of it. She’ll hold it against her clit and let make her legs buckle and tremble while she desperately tries to keep from falling. That’s what lets her edge herself until her orgasm grows so powerful that she can’t help from falling to her knees.

Conclusion: Gianna Michaels Will Always Cum For You

Gianna Michaels is going to cum for you. It’s not even a question. It doesn’t matter when you visit her room. She’s either going to be in the middle of a screaming orgasm or right on the verge of having one. If you want to see a real orgasm on a cam, then you need to be on her cam. She knows what you want to see and she wants to make herself feel good enough to give it to you.

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